venetian carnival masks
The use of Venetian masquerade masks originated from Venice, Italy for their festival. This kind of mask was worn during the Carnival that was first documented use was shown as far back as the 13th century. During the carnival in Venice, people used masks to hide their true faces and be able to mingle with people of different social standings.

Venetian Carnival Masks

venetian carnival masks

Venetian carnival masks were made in Venice as a tradition that dated long ago, centuries past, as early as the 1200's. The masks are still living on today as artisan create beautiful Venetian mask version of their own using their creativity and imagination. These masks are handmade that could comprise of different materials like precious fabrics and feathers. Masks are sold in stores and people d not usually know its historic value like that of masks that are used in the classical Venetian classic theaters.
venetian carnival masks
Now who among us isn't fascinated with Venetian masquerade masks? We use them for wall decorations and even occasionally from time to time, even put one on at a party or in a curio shop that sells these types of items. So just were did they come from and why a mask for a party in the first place? Did they actually come from Venice.

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venetian carnival masks Masks have always been a central feature of the Venetian carnival; traditionally people were allowed to wear them ...

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venetian carnival masks

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